How to ensure quality in watch manufacturing

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It is unnecessary to emphasis how impotent it is to make sure quality when you are thinking of setting up oversea supply chain for your watch, particularly for start-ups with limited budget. Otherwise, there’s chance you might receive a bunches of bad watches at the end. In the best scenario, the manufacturer will take the responsibility of fixing them which will still cause unpredictable delays on delivering, and in the worse situation, your supplier would probably just walk away leaving you with tons of defected units.

Therefore, the capability of ensuring quality should be the most important thing to consider of when you are looking for oversea suppliers. Here, we will highlight a few suggestions.

– Quoting

Offering with competitive prices is an outstanding point when you are checking suppliers and it makes no sense to switch the production line if you are not decreasing costs significantly. However, lower cost won’t always come with shitty quality but these two things is relevant.

As a manufacturer that cares about quality. What they will do is to dive deep to understand your project in terms of each different components, your requirements and quality standards etc., and find the price point which is [a.] much lower than what you have domestically and [b.] without going too low to have a good quality outcome.

– Go deep to learn about the manufacturer you want to partner with

It sounds cliche but there’s no harm to get as deep as you can to check the capabilities of manufactures. What we suggest here is to set up a quick call to walk through things which is really productive based on following reasons.

[a.] There’s no preparation in a call. You can instantly know if they know what they are doing by simply throwing a few questions to the manufacturer.
[b.] It’s even better if they have good speaking skill. Customized manufacturing requires certain level of speaking during the development phrase and you certainly don’t want to work with manufacturer that’s having problem in communication.

– What sets the manufacturer apart from others

Other than prices, streamlined process and communication skill, the manufacturer should has outstanding point that set it apart from their competitors. In Delforu Watch Co.,Ltd, we have our outstanding points for sure. Let’s schedule a quick call if you are looking for a reliable manufacturing partner to bring your watch from designs to reality!


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