How to find email addresses of influencers/affiliates?

How to find email addresses of influencers/affiliates?

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I have a pet store and an affiliate program. I want to collect about 500 - 2,000 emails of influencers or affiliates so I can email them and invite them to promote my store. How do I find their email addresses?


I tried (free version), and I had to visit their instagram profile and email is usually not found on desktop, only found on mobile, also they promote contacting influencers through their platform.


I also tried, they do have option to get contact email addresses, but the to get 1 email, it cost about $0.35 which is too expensive.


So, is there any ways to find emails, doing manually work to copy paste is no problem, just need a way to find targeted emails, in this case, influencers who are into pets niche.


It shouldn't cost too much like Heepsy. Do you know any platform where contact email of influencers is available and also doesn't cost high? Or do you have idea how to do it for free?

Thank you.


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I got 350 crypto influencer email address from the Five Dollar (wink wink) vendor @ approx. $35.00. So far very good. Had one very strong resposne from a vendor to make ads to run on his crypto YouTube channel. Great ads. Waiting for traction. In general I have had good luck with gig consultants so post an inquiry.