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How to find good ecommerce bloggers and execute a repeatable strategy?

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I've had first hand experience with blogging for SEO + conversion increase + lead gen, I know how to do it myself but struggle with a consistent way to create a repeatable, scalable solution for clients in a variety of niches.


I guess the main thing I struggle with is finding quality writers for the specific niche, and article outlines that give a high probability of positive ROI for the cost of those writers.


A good article doesn't necessarily mean it will convert to sales or backlinks, so the skill in the writer is to create quality content that will also lead to sales, backlinks, or audience building.


The perfect solution would be a website / service where you could hire bloggers that are skilled in driving traffic / conversions for ecommerce sites.


Any links, leads, experiences with this? ... or is this just an idea for a new productized service business 😂

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Hi Joe,


James from Answerbase here.   The struggle is real, but we have some insights on how to do this...because it's what we help with.   Our customers have been struggling with this as we work this into our process as   content is being built up.   We've managed a process between product Q&A and longer formatted articles for over a decade for larger businesses, and just released our Shopify product question and answer app as we're now making those tools available to the SMB merchants as well.


We then track the engagement of that UGC, and we can even track it through the conversion....and highlight the topics and content that is drawing the most traffic and converting.   From there, our customers have an option to expand the product Q&A into longer format content pieces like articles, spec sheets, etc....and they know its worth the time/money in order to create the content...because they can already see results with it.


We build out landing pages for the user generated Q&A content...and that pulls up in results like this:



From there....we track that organic traffic as well as engagement on the product page, knowledge base searches, etc....and we come up with a demand score for the content.   Based on that demand score, we list out content creation recommendations.


I've seen some of the individual UGC Q&A threads get up to 12K organic visits per month on their own.....and then spawning off new articles/content from there.   The UGC Q&A landing pages have consistent year over year organic traffic growth on their own...and then we get to cherry pick the high performers to assist in more refined content.   If they're doing things right, it should lead to organic search charts that are consistently up and to the right....and be able to track the exact conversions/sales assisted by that content on both the Q&A end as well as the articles.


We'd love to assist you and your customers, shoot us a note on our Contact Form and we can discuss.