How to find Hot demand,winning & Trending product on internet and all the information about the shop they are selling product

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So tonight I could not sleep, found a guide how to extract emails from FB groups, pages and played around with it for a while.

As I was baffled how clever / easy it was I wanted to share it. I'm not affiliated with any of the tools, just found it might be useful for your idea validation outreach, ad targeting and finding your target audience in general.

What I played around with:

*Find Hot Demand product,Winning Product & Trending product on internet

*Extract users and find their email from a fb group & pages

*Extract users who liked a post/video of your competitors fb page

*Extract users, job and role from linkedin groups


Use Cases:

You might want to research a particular niche and get to know, talk to i.e. wedding photographers. Extract names from FB and LinkedIn groups, gather emails, urls. Do cold outreach or connect via the networks.

You might want to build a list of potential customers for your sales funnel (who are active on social media)

You might want to contact / target / connect with people who interact with your competitors content

I used #Fbcandy tools for extract emails.

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How i found Hot demand,winning & Trending product on internet and all the information about the shop they are selling product in shopify,amazon etc.

If you want to start selling something online but you have no idea where to start,then this is the feature really design for you.Using this FBCANDY tools you can find your targeted traffic.

Let's see how FBCANDY can Help Us

• Email Addresses of all Merchant , Businessmen, Entrepreneur on Log In or Sign Up! WOW => A big chance to promote lots of LOANs CPA Offers From Maxbounty or Peerfly ,.... => MONEY
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• Email Addresses of people Who are Interested in Losing Weight, Keeping Fit,... => Promote Health , Keeping Fit,... Products => MONEY Again Again!
• Email Addresses of all the members who are Vendors, affiliate Marketers in a group => Even you can sell Database for them => MONEY Again Again Again!
• Email Addresses in all targeted Facebook Groups => Import To Facebook Custom Audience => Sell Anything You Want
• FBAds Spy + FBEcom = Game Changer for people who are doing DropShipping/Ecommerce Shopify, Amazon, eBay These updates help you make more money with your store and huge success with Facebook ads. It give the power to spy any sponsored ad on Facebook and reveal your competitor ads performance LIVE!!

Questions for discussion:

Do you know similar processes to get customer contacts / data from other sources.

What would you do with such data? Whats your experience with the quality & success of such data?

Curious to hear your thoughts!

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Hi jimmianderson

Have you checked the legality of such actions?

I am not a lawyer and know little about law, but my inner moral compass tells me NO.

As a developer, I know how easy it is to scrape various sources on the internet for contact details such as email. In fact, thereis no law that forbids this though some discourage it, block it or only allow it via their official APIs (I believe Facebook is one of them and do offer APIs for collecting data).

As a regular internet user, I would definitely not want anybody to abuse this possibility because it is simply unethical. Full stop. You would also need to make sure none of your scraped user contacts are from the EU because unless they opted in for your email list, you will have a brush in ith EU privacy laws.

Simply put, if it's quick and easy and Youtube vloggers or random bloggers who only peddle immense success stories by promoting how to be successful using their methods, then it is probably a big gray area and I'd not venture there. Building your customer base is hard and takes time. You want honesty and transaprency, good ethical practices and use of technology that truly enrichens a customers experience rather than abuse of technology just because it's possible.

Last but not least, what if I extracted your contact details and started sending you email offers, cold calling you about special "deals" just because you posted a topic on here? Something tells me you'd be quite annoyed 😉

Worry not, I won't be mailing you or calling, but I do hope neither do you.


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This is a great tips.I used Fbcandy and get a good result.

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