How to find overseas agents of mechanical parts, how to find overseas agents. I really need help!

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Customers in many countries and regions purchase waste paper packaging machinery to package waste paper. Plastic bottles, etc. We are making waste paper baler drive chain accessories, Many of them are exported to various countries with the machine. But I don't have my own channel or method yet, I also try to register some websites on the web. But it didn't work, and didn't find the customers who really needed to buy. I don't understand why customers would rather spend more money on machines than on accessories. Dear teachers, I want to know how to find our products to find buyers or find local agents. If you have a network operator, e-commerce sales, Please give me some advice from this experienced teacher. Thank you! I really need your help to learn how to sell better. this is my English email thank you very much安装在机器上安装在机器上安装在机器上安装在机器上安装在机器上安装在机器上产品产品产品产品包装箱包装箱包装箱包装箱

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