How to Find Reputable Bloggers to Review Our Products

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We are trying to get some feedback for our sign & decal products and would like to send some free samples to reputable bloggers so that they can honestly review our products and possibly create some more positive comments etc. for our site out there. Does anyone know the best process for getting in touch with these blog owners? Our products are used by every type of person and business, so they are a really broad range of categories that they fit in.

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Hi Tom, when it comes to getting in touch with bloggers, nothing beats good old fashion (boring) research. I hire a VA for a few days and get them to create the spreadsheet for me.

First you want to find site you think could be a good fit, then run them through some checks to see amount of traffic/social media followers etc. 

When reaching out keep your emails short, sweet and too the point, and front loaded in why the deal is worth it to them. I get pitched multiples times per day, and most get no further than that due to ignoring the above.

Good luck.

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