How to fix duplicate meta descriptions SEO issue?

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Hi everyone,

I`m working on SEO and have a problem with Duplicate meta descriptions in some collections. I tried to change meta description page by page, but if I changed meta description on one page that meta description replacing all of them in that collection. Does anyone know how to fix that? Thank you for your help!

Report from Semrush:

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Hi @Wojti, you can check out this answer from a Shopify Partner in another thread: 


This is intended behaviour from Shopify, it will create multiple links for each collection a product is in. This isn't a problem for duplicate content as the canonical link is always set to the original product (So, google is told where the original is and not to mark down for duplication).

However, if you do want to change this, it needs to be done in the theme's .liquid files that build the links to your products. This will vary theme to theme, but in "Supply" (the one I'm using) you can find the relevent line of code in the Snippets section, as "product-grid-item.liquid". We're looking for the link to the products, like this:

<a href="{{ product.url | within: current_collection }}" class="product-grid-item">

The important part is inside the brackets {{ }}. product.url is used to generate the url for the product, but this also has a 'within' filter applied to it. This within filter makes sure that the link that's generated includes a reference to the current collection. Seeing as you want the URLs all to point to /products/ you can just remove that filter. So that snippet would like like this:

<a href="{{ product.url }}" class="product-grid-item">

More info is available here:

As far as the SEO purposes, I believe it's to provide search engines with more context. For example: VS

The page=2 on the end of the blog URLs shouldn't be an issue.

To edit the SEO attributes on a product, page or blog post, scroll down until you see "Search engine listing preview" and click on "Edit website SEO"



Check out the whole conversation here: 

and Let me know if my answer is of any help 😄 

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