How to fix non-indexed pages on my ART MOOD account?

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I’m Habiba kyk, SEO manager of ART MOOD account, i tested the website on search console, and i found non indexed pages (crawled currently not indexed) ,1700 affected page including important content that need to be indexed, 

how can i fix this please? 
and i need any specialist to contact me please.


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Hey @Habibakyk.
Thanks for reaching out. 
I appreciate the context that you have shared with us as that is very helpful - that is a great question!


Looking into this, in order to have your online store crawled and indexed to appear properly on search results - Google will need to index your online store. Since Shopify has no control over when or how long it may take to have the store accurately displayed within the search results, we do not have an available time frame to specify. However, if you notice that the SEO for your online store is not reflect correctly on search results. You can find and submit your sitemap to speed up the process.
Let me know what you think and if you have any questions. 

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Having 1700 pages flagged as "Crawled - currently not indexed" might signal to Google that there's a large volume of content that doesn't meet the criteria for indexing, which could happen if a new site publishes a lot of pages all at once. Google prioritizes content that provides value and a good user experience.


To improve the situation, you can:

  • Audit Your Content: Make sure each page has high-quality, unique content that serves the needs and intentions of your visitors.

  • Focus on Key Pages: Direct your efforts toward ensuring that your most critical pages are indexed first by enhancing their content and interlinking them with other significant sections of your site.

  • Stagger Content Publication: If you've added many pages quickly, slow down the rate of publication to let Google's algorithms naturally discover and evaluate your content over time.

  • Improve Visibility: Use social media and other marketing channels to increase traffic to your pages. Higher traffic can be an indicator to Google that your content is valuable and worth indexing.

Review your SEO practices to ensure they align with Google's guidelines, enhance the user experience, and provide genuine value. Make adjustments where necessary, and keep monitoring your Search Console for changes in the status of your pages.

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Hello @Habibakyk,

The issue you're facing is similar to some projects we have implemented. Having up to 1700 URLs not indexed in the Google Search Console report may not be a serious issue. This is because most of the URLs you receive from the Google Search Console report might be URLs that are unnecessary to index.

Some of the unnecessary URL formats for indexing we often see in Search Console reports include image format URLs, file format URLs, pagination URLs, etc.

However, not all URLs in the report that have gathered data but are not indexed are unnecessary pages. As you mentioned, you want to index these important URLs. So you need to carefully review the report to ensure that it's not a large number of URLs. If the number of these URLs is not too many, then this is completely normal and you do not need to worry too much.

Here are some factors you should consider to improve the situation of important URLs that have collected data but are not yet indexed:

  • Check the robots.txt file: Ensure that robots.txt does not block the pages you want to index. You need to determine whether these pages are allowed to be indexed.
  • XML Sitemap: Ensure that the website's sitemap is updated and contains all the URLs you want search engines to index. This will help search engine bots easily find and index important pages.
  • Identify and update Metadata: Ensure that the pages to be indexed have appropriate metadata. Check the meta robots tag on the pages and ensure they are not excluded from indexing.
  • Check Shopify Settings: In Shopify settings, you can check options to determine if any settings are affecting the indexing of pages.
  • Review the content that is not being indexed: Creating neutral content or content that is not valuable to users can affect its appearance in search engine results.
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