How to get 1000 visitors per day for my fashion website?

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This is my newly launched fashion website

How do I gain 1000 visitors per day??

What all marketing strategies do I need to follow?

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You can use SEO strategies for generating traffic to your website. There are different SEO strategies you need to follow in accomplishing your goal which are Social Media Marketing (SMO), Social Bookmarking, Edu posting, Forum posting, etc. These strategies boost traffic on your website and I hope you will get 1000 visitors per day on your website.
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You can also expand your outreach by expanding into other social media platforms. You can easily link your Instagram posts to Twitter, upload product images onto Polyvore and have a fashion blog via Tumblr. 1000 visitors a day is no easy feat, and is definitely a milestone I'm trying to assist my store in reaching. 

If you'd like to build a consistent following, a blog with consistent posts and fashion-forward advice and insights will definitely help to build a returning audience. Likewise, working with lifestyle influencers who blogs and reviews will be a great plus point, as the likelihood of a future referral is more probable than a mere Instagram photo mention.
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Fashion works really well on Pinterest.  Shopify recently integrated more closely with Pinterest to provide Rich Pins, you should take advantage of the ease of use and use Pinterest to drive traffic back to your store.

If your goal is to get early traction, you might find these two conversations with a successful Shopify entrepreneur and a successful Shopify app developer helpful:

How To Lauch a Revenue Generating Store in 30 Days

5 Ways to Make Your First 100 Sales


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I can see that you are marketing well on Facebook and Instagram which have a certain of people like your post even though it's not much. Keep trying with those platforms by using more appealing picture and add attractive description, I believe that your fans will definitely click to your website for further information, or event boost your online sales. Let's learn more how to sell on facebook, how to sell on instagram to do better. If you do it right, you can be successful with social commerce.

You can check out blog which gives you some details tactics to drive traffic to your store.

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Hi NV,

SEO is one of the best ways to generate traffic, so everyone wants to take advantage of it. However, many people don’t understand how SEO work.

You only want to drive search traffic from keywords that convert into sales.

A good blog post on some steps you should follow:

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Moderator - can you stop 'RobSmith' from spamming the forum with this same message linking to his site? He's plastering it everywhere - completely irrelevent to the OP. It links to a poor quality blog. Thanks

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The moderators are never in here.  The website is not live or is under construction.  The sure fire way to get actual sales is through product advertising whether that's via Bing/Google/Social Media/Networking
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Hi Friends,

I have recently launched a store, using shopify but I am getting the same issue of increase traffic, I am not good at SEO so its becoming very diffcult to generate even 100 traffice per day.

Need more suggestion step by step to increase visitors to 1000/day in next 30 days.

Thanks in advance

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I am seo expert and i learnt from my experience that you can not increase traffic suddenly you would have to give some time to your website to become popuolar.

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Thanks Seema for your response.

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