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How to get comments under blog posts?

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I integrated a blog in my store and to get hits I put the link in several FB groups and traditional forums. That works, but people never comment at my webpage they always comment in FB groups or the forum itself.

I would like to integrate these comments in one way or the other in my webpage, but would I have to ask permission before? And is there a tool to do this automatically?

At the moment, I don't even know what the advantage of comments are other than it looks good and having all the information in one place.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi there!

Ana here, from the Shopify support team. 🙂

This is a really great question - firstly, I wanted to mention that since social media has become ingrained in most peoples' everyday lives, conversations and comments on websites and blogs typically have moved over to these social media platforms. That means that it's natural to see conversations happen on Facebook instead of directly on your website. Since many people these days are constantly on social media, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's a bad thing. In fact, it makes your brand look engaged and engaging, which is a great thing.

That said, it can be a good idea to integrate these comments on your blog (aside from using the default commenting system built into Shopify), since it means that they live longer on your website for visitors to see and to reap potential SEO benefits.

You can embed comments from Facebook directly into any HTML (including your blog posts), and no you don't need to request permission from commenters to integrate this. Here's code generator from Facebook:

Hope that helps! 🙂

Happy selling,

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That means I have to do that manually with every comment?

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I would recommend considering SocialShopWave app which lets you put your own branded comments under your blog posts or whatever page you want. And use the same accounts, as Shopify accounts so your customers don't need to log in separately in your store and in the blog.

Here you can learn more:

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Just copy and paste the code snippets from Discus / Facebook comment into HTML?

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