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How to get Shopify BUY button for my site

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Hello every one, 

recently i joined this community and looking for solution (im a beginner).

I am working on multiple Affiliate projects and new get a chance to work on Shopify, so i decided to work on it and found there i a button (BUY button) from shopify, what i concluded is, i just have to placed buy button code under my product, and it will redirect to new link where (payment info) will be taken and i get commission from that conversion.

Is it true what i am thinking?

because i am currently working on a sports related site ( and its products are expensive so i want to expand its products awareness so i can get more client around the work and it will also help me to advertise with Bing & Google shopping campaigns.

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IMO, you have to buy shopify first, than you can get buy button, but i don't know about it, because i am running paid version and everything done by my designer on my site., you should hire a designer and ask him to do your work.

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Hi @GoTennisRacquet, this is PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder. 

To add Buy Button, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Sign in to your store dashboard as Shopify admin Step 2: Choose sales channel

Hit this plus sign for sales channels and it will pop up a display for us to choose from so we're just going to click the Buy Button. We're going to click “Add”/ “Plus”.



Now the buy button sales channel is installed which you can always get back to in this left-hand menu by clicking on the Buy Button.



Step 3: Click Create a Buy Button

Then, you can choose what you want to show on your external websites or blogs: Product and/or Collection.

If you just want to choose specific products to embed into your site, select the first choice here:



If you want to show the entire product collection to embed into your site, choose the second element here:



Step 4: Edit the buy button Shopify style as your favorite demand

You can choose different colors for your button, background, text, the cart panel and where the button link to checkout. After that, click “Next” to generate embed code.

Step 5: Get your buy button live

By copying code and pasting it into the HTML editor of the webpage where you want to display it, you can have the button live on your sites.



For example, I want to add the purchasing button of my production collection into the end of my blog. I choose the code of the blog and paste the code I’ve copied at the end of coding content.



This enabled me to get the product list with the buy button on Shopify. Then, you can do the same with each site where you want to add the button you created. You just have to open the HTML editor of the sites where you want to display the Buy Button and add code. Refer to Adding Buy Button code to HTML.



On the other side, you can directly design a “Buy Button” or “Add to Cart” button on any page without coding knowledge. I suggest using Shopify elements - Product Add To Cart or Button elements which are the available function of the PageFly app -- a useful page builder, and partner of Shopify.

For more details about Shopify Buy Button - check out this tutorial

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You need to add the Buy Button sales channel in your Shopify admin, then you can create a Buy Button for a product 


Here are the steps you need to follow


From your Shopify admin, go to Buy Button.


Click Create a Buy Button.


Click Product Buy Button.


Select the product from your catalog or use the search to find a product. Click Select.


Optional: customize the Buy Button.


If your product has variants, then select All variants or select the variant that you want to include.

Choose a layout style and the action that happens when a customer clicks the button. You can also customize the button's appearance.

By default the checkout behavior opens a new window but you can choose to open the checkout in the same browser tab as your website. Click Advanced settings > Redirect in the same tab.

Click Next.


Click Copy code.


Open the HTML editor for the webpage where you want to display the Buy Button. Refer to Adding Buy Button code to HTML.


Paste the code within the HTML where you want the Buy Button to appear, and then save your changes.