How to improve conversions?

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Hi I have a jewelry site. I want to improve trying but not successful conversions.

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Hi there,

First I have to say you have such a nice ecommerce website, keep up the good work!
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That is a very high cart abandonment rate. Very high. The most common reason for cart abandonment is hidden or unexpected shipping costs. On top of that, review your delivery locations. You should also work at improving your AOV as $11.94 is extremely hard to build a profitable store unless you have high purchase frequency.

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Agree with Josh - that's a really high cart abandonment rate.  Do you have google analytics installed?  It'd be worth investigating your checkout process to see if something's up.  Is there a technical error?  Are you missing shipping / payment options users expect?  

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There is no easy way to increase conversion rate, but you can at least try to follow e-commerce best practices for product, cart, category pages.

Here it's a simple and easy-to-follow e-commerce checklist for Shopify stores -
It has more than 100 e-commerce guidelines with a lot of examples, so it's easy to understand what you need to do to fix a problem

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