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How to Increase Google Ads Conversions by 46% in 24 Hours?

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You know that getting conversions from Google ads is not that easy.

But with the method I will explain, you can increase your conversions in 4 steps with the simplest method.

The answer is very simple: The new generation of popups!

The new generation popups are still so effective. Even Google Ads website using popups to increase conversion 🙂


Step #1) Create a free account on Popupsmart

Popupsmart is the easiest and most powerful way to generate leads and grow faster.

There are lots of on-site messaging services, but the best is the popupsmart in terms of price/features. And also it's free!

Create a account to create a campaign for free!

Step #2) Create a campaign according your conversion goal

Popupsmart provides the most conversion-ready templates according to your business goals.

Step #3) Target only visitors coming from Google Ads and their behaviors.

Use precision advanced segmentation system to produce digitals that bring more leads, attract more attention, and generate more sales.

Step #4) Integrate it and publish!

Facilely connect your Popupsmart account with preferred service provider to maximize website conversions.

If you have more then 10.000 page views on your website, you should upgrade your account on popupsmart. We have a unique discount code for Shopify users; use “20off” to %20 discount for a lifetime.

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