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We have launched Shopify store for 1 year. We've been noticing that the recognition of our brand is increasing on Instagram. However, we are getting about 200 average online traffic per day but no sales in 3 days or barely receive 1-2 orders. We have facebook, instagram, and Pinterest account to advertise or interact with our customer and Instagram is where most of the traffic was coming from. Can you give us any advice or help to improve our sites or marketing?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Julie, There could be lots of reasons for low sales and conversions. Without looking at the Google Analytics data, We can only guess. Which I don't think is the right way to solve it. 

If you want to learn. how to do it, you can read my recent post On Complete E-commerce business analysis  - The complete Enhanced E-commerce business analysis with Google Analytics.

And If you have any questions or want me to do it for you, if you are not comfortable with Google Analytics, Then you can email me at - or use this Contact Link

I hope this will help you out.


Bhola Prasad

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Hi Julie,

This is very common among store owners. Lots of visitors but ZERO sales.

If you optimize the landing page where a visitor comes after clicking an ad or a link to your store, you can easily convert atleast 20% of the visitors. That's 40 people.

When I say convert, I don't mean you can get 40 people to buy straightaway but their email addresses.

You need to warm them, inform them about your store from time to time and when they're finally ready to buy, your store should be the 1st thing in their mind.

It takes time (3-4 weeks) to close a sale but it's better than to keep losing those 200 potential customers daily.

I have a free course teaching the same. If you're interested, SIGN UP HERE. It will teach you everything about converting visitors into customers via ads and building an email list of potential customers.

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Hi Julie,

Your Instagram is really cool. It's good that your frequency of posting on Instagram is constant. The quality of pictures is also very good. However, a different thing which you can try is posting something which is not directly associated to your products. According to 80:20 rule, 20% of your content should be about your products and rest 80% should be content which is not related to your products and yet is meaningful to your niche. This will help you in reaching out to your potential customers. Read this to get an idea regarding building a visual theme of your Instagram profile.

As you know that Instagram allows one clickable link in the bio, but with Insta success toolkit you can make all your posts clickable and boost your number of sales.

Getting visitors and still no sales could indicate that the vistors on your website may not be your audience. Having basic content and circulating it is going to help you in every way possible.  Here is an article that will help you with generating amazing content for your store.

Another way to reach out to your potential customers is facebook ads. Target audiences based on different interests, age groups , devices etc. Have a look at this to get an idea regarding what is the right audience for you.

Apart from that posting on social media is always going to help you. You can design and schedule posts with Orangetwig. Have a look at some of the posts generated by Orangetwig.

Hope that helps


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Hi, Julie! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here 🙂

First of all, your website looks amazing! You have all the elements a website needs to convert well - the design, the products, the navigation, trust signals etc. Now, you don’t need to worry about it. You already have plenty of traffic too - 200 visitors per day after only one year is a great achievement. As you mentioned, you get plenty of recognition on Instagram, your target platform, which is great.

My guess, in the situation as yours, is that the traffic you are currently getting is not yet relevant to your brand. Have you got an active PPC campaign? It might be sending you the wrong, not optimized audience. Or maybe you have earned the backlinks from the websites not within your niche - the visitors are coming from somewhere and these places are not sending you the right visitors.

I recommend setting up Google Analytics first to see which sites drive you traffic, and also run a thorough backlink analysis to check the traffic sources.

That’s the first step.

The next one would to simply improve your current situation, and start working on getting more relevant traffic. Be active in the mom / kids fashion forums. Give advice on how to dress for a first day of school, Halloween party, sleepover with friends etc. Be helpful, and from time to time, include a link back to your website, recommending a specific product.

Be active on YouTube and Google+ as these platforms, being owned by Google, can send plenty or organic traffic.

Make sure to optimize each blog post for the search engines. Add internal links, H tags and bolded key phrases to target your specific keywords. Learn more: How to completely SEO your Shopify pages.

Blog - consider blogging regularly. It’s a great way to bring the most relevant traffic to your store and create a rapport with the potential shoppers. People buy from people, not from brands, so showing your personality and an expertise through the blog posts will have a major impact on your conversion rate [sales per visits].

Blogging regularly will help you reach Google Page 1 quicker. Each time a new blog post is added, a new page is indexed by the search engines. If you were to post once a week, by the end of the first month, your website would double the number of pages indexed by the search engines.

Within a month, your website would go from 10-20 pages in the search engine pool—to 30-40 pages that can possibly be returned in the top spot on Google. Stretch that out over the course of a year and our 10-20 page website now has around 250 pages indexed in the search engines.

Each indexed page adds another ticket to the great Google lottery. The more tickets you hold, the better chance of winning the top spot in the search engine rankings.

If you would like to learn more how to boost your sales and drive more relevant, organic traffic to your website, please book your business consultation today. Also, consider investing in a professional website redesign by an authorized Shopify Partner. We can optimize your store for an online user and for SEO in only 10 days.

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I liked the review and would like full critque on my website.   

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the question is very simple to ask that how to increase slaes and traffic but the answer is very tricky. Beacsue there are alot of work which you have to done otherwise it will be difficult for you for gettign the result.

So lets make it specific....
Email Markeitng
Listing on Market Placess (amazone, ebay...ect)
Start Affiliate programe.
Go to seo base strategy.


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Hi Julie,

Here's a nice little Shopify Marketing checklist for you to get started with:

Display Advertising on Facebook and across the Web

Ads are an easy way to increase traffic (even if they cost money). The important thing is to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to traffic. I’d rather have 100 likely to buy visitors instead of 1,000 “window shopper” visitors.

Retargeting ads are also super awesome. Basically, they’re ads that show up on websites to people who have already visited your store. These ads cost money, but can be a valuable addition to your marketing efforts if your targeting is nearly perfect. There are Shopify apps that do a great job of helping you get the most out of FB ads.

Email Marketing

If you’re going to use email marketing, install a pop-up app that collects emails of website visitors. I personally recommend a small pop up on the bottom right so it doesn’t annoy your visitors.

Collect the emails of visitors to your site so you can nurture them. How effective is email marketing? This study shows that marketers can enjoy an ROI up to 4300% if they manage to do it right. Many marketers use email marketing to boost their sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the best marketing channels period, but it takes time to see results. It’s a long term project that can bring in more website traffic and sales than you ever dreamed. The best way to take advantage of SEO with Shopify is to write blog posts relevant to your niche. If you’re selling luxury clothing, write blog posts about the luxury lifestyle.

There are tools to help you with SEO like SEMrush. I’m not affiliated with SEMrush in any way, I just think their product is amazing and I’m a huge fan. When it comes to SEO, also check out some of the Shopify SEO apps. They do a great job in helping you manage SEO without having to spend a fortune on SEO agencies.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is one of the most phenomenal digital marketing methods to enhance brand awareness. There are over 2.4 billion social media users all over the world, and you can utilize popular social media platforms to reach potential customers from all over the world. Market your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Influencer Marketing

“Influencer Marketing” is the new buzz word among marketers. This digital marketing method involves hiring influencers, people with a strong fan base on various social media platforms, to promote their brands, offers, and products. Influencer marketing is fantastic for building brand awareness, but don’t rely on it to drive sales.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Julie! You have a marvelous store, I adore it. But...

A lot of talking here, but all from the sellers side...

Guys, be your customer! You know, I don't buy clothing online for my son. Now why?

1 - I can't try it on. This one is critical. With kids, you never know.

2 - He might dislike it (or like it back, whatever) between purchase and delivery.

3 - That's why we buy staff occasionally, when we see it and he sees it. Kids are a living embodiment of the sales funnel - see, desire, buy.

4 - THEY GROW SO FAST! Why spend $50 for something he will wear twice and then throw it away. I better buy 10 items for $5 and he will have the choice. Buy the way, kids enjoy $50 item the same as $5 if they like it. Keep in mind. So you cover telling me "Something different every day" means "Give me all your money" and has not value to me.

5 - I have lots of friends and relatives who also have kids and we share clothes! Can you imagine! They also have staff that is too big or too small or just kids don't like it.


Take a piece of advice - Make your message obvious. What's you brand main value? Until then, your store is just a stock of fantastic pictures of beautiful kids wearing wonderful clothes, which is pleasant to watch, but does not tell me, what I should buy this.

You might want to follow Eco (or Green) trend. At least your products look like matching it.

Crazy idea (never saw this anywhere - pitty) - consider creating an exchange section for your buyers, where they will be able to communicate and share the clothing of your brand only when their kids grow up out of the size.


Advertising: Try our new app Social Tools to monitor what social media your visitors use and run social media targeted promotions.


Good luck!

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Hey Julie! 

Learn a lot of new  things on e-commerce marketing on Virtual E-Commerce Marketing Summit 

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Lo más importante es ser crítico, saber analizar con objetividad un sitio web y darte cuenta que posiblemente hayan muchos aspectos que debes mejorar, corregir y cambiar. Y esto, quizá, conlleve muchas horas de trabajo. Pero al fin lograras lo que quisiste como ejemplo la siguiente tienda online:

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There are so many things that could impact your traffic and sales.

I advise you to learn a bit about ecommerce marketing, attend Virtual Ecommerce Marketing Summit: It's free and you could learn from 5 experts from Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, NinjaOutreach and PromoRepublic.

Hope it helps.

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I agree with others here - Influencer Marketing will bring word-of-mouth.  Do it.. 

Good luck brand and Influencer heroes! – #DearMishuDad (Influencer contract template is here:
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Regarding your problem with converting visitors on your website to actual sales:

If you would like to turn visitors into buyers I would suggest checking out this link.

                           Retrieve Lost Sales

         Unlike all others we use SMS

Our customers are seeing a 15% increase in new sales?

Also we offer a 14 day free trial to see the results yourself!

That’s right 14 days of reclaiming lost sales at no cost to you!!


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Hey Julie,

Your store is very nice.I think you need more marketing for your store. You need to analyze the market for your product about price.


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Hey Julie! Hayden is such a cute brand! Great stuff. 

As to your question, we're obsessed with email at our company. We’ve spent 1000’s of hours editing 100’s of client email accounts, and terms of cutting costs and finding revenue growth opportunities for Fortune 500 companies and startups, here are the questions we believe brands should be asking: 

1. Do you send emails now?

2. What do they say?

3. Who do you send to?

4. How are they segmented?

5. What time do they send?

6. How do you vary your message?

7. Do you send the same message to everyone?

8. Have you ever done any testing?

We wrote an extensive post on our blog to help build out that audit. Thought you might find it useful:

Hope that helps! Good luck to ya.

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Hi there,

I understand how frustrating it can be to see increased traffic on your site but no sales to reflect that traffic. I have found that a decrease in sales often has to do with who you are targeting your brand to. It may be that you are targeting the correct demographic on Instagram but not on Facebook. Targeting the wrong audience can cost you a lot of time and money. Don’t let that happen to you!

Here are some things to consider:

How are you targeting your audience? If you are doing so manually, there is a good chance your ads are simply reaching the wrong people. Try building your target demographic by using Lookalike audiences for Facebook. Lookalike audiences market your brand to similar customers based on those who previously purchased from your store. If you are finding it difficult to do this on your own, Shopify apps like Pollen ( can help do the hard work for you!  

How often do you change your ads? Are you still running the same ads you ran a year ago when you first started? If so, this could be a big reason you are seeing a lull in your sales. Keep your ads fresh and dynamic so your customers can see what your store has to offer. Don’t let your brand get stale by running the same ads over and over - your customers will undoubtedly get bored and go elsewhere!

How is your email marketing? Don’t let email marketing go overlooked! Stay on top of your email list and be sure to send promotional emails to your customers often (but don’t overdo it!). Consider offering discount codes, free shipping, or free gifts to keep your customers engaged.

Hopefully these tips help! Good luck to you and your store!

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Maybe you can try with video ads.

In case you don't know how to create the videos, I've built a couple for you using our new Shopify App:

Nyla Tunic Dress:

Madison Striped Dress:

Feel free to use them wherever you want.

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I see that over last more than a year Haydengirls has increased followers on Instagram to ~9k with avg traffic of ~ 4k per month. I have been in the

e-commere/saas space for last few years and I understand it's very difficult to get customers to visit the website and then quickly churn away. Would you consider exploring who and why a customer has churned over a period of time?  This helps you to design engagement strategy and convert them at faster rate.


Check out:-

Datoin is an AI platform that helps E-commerce companies to

1. Spot customers who are more likely to buy or not buy

2. Subscribers who are likely to discontinue

3. Calculate personalized pricing for each customer for each merchandise at real time

For Shopify community, we are offering a 15-day free trial, because 15 days is what it will take you to see the value of Datoin. Try now at Datoin.

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Consider these points:Target your existing customers, Use more photos and try to offer more discounts.Update your listing time to time and use re-marketing.