How to Increase Sales with Videos

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Hello Shopify Community,

My name is Ashley and I am the Marketing Lead at Stage Technologies. We are an eCommerce sales channel plug-in that leverages short-form videos created by real users to expand reach and conversion for Shopify stores. 

We integrate video and eCommerce into a single platform that is available on both mobile and web applications and can easily be integrated into the existing store.

We are currently in soft launch and looking to invite an exclusive list of Shopify stores to try our content for free during this time.

If you are a merchant on Shopify or know anyone who is looking to reach a wider audience and increase conversion more cost-effectively, please don’t hesitate to send me a message or set up a quick chat using this link.

Looking forward to connecting and learning from this community!

Check the link below to see what Stage is about: Watch Video 

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Ashley Jangka

Stage Application

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78% of people watch videos online every week; 55% of them watch them daily. But what are your shoppers watching? There is no definite answer, to be honest. You will need to get to know them better and understand ‘why’ they watch videos to know which ones you need to create. Here are some product video ideas that I tried on my store for instance -

1. Product close-up videos: Close-up videos work well when you need to highlight the details of your product. It could be the build quality or the material, texture, and other details of the product. This can give people a better understanding of what your product looks like up, close. 

2. How-to videos: How-to videos help in explaining how to put your products to use in the setting that a consumer is more likely to have.  This type of video helps in conversion when you sell a complex product; it could be an electronic gadget or a DIY kit that needs assembling. 

3. Product features videos: Do you have a product that comes packed with multiple features? Use this type of video to get the consumer's attention to each one of them. These are especially important for products that serve multiple purposes.

4. Customer review videos: Review videos work best when it comes to boosting conversions at the decision stage of a buyer’s journey. At this point, your potential customers are aware of the problem that they are experiencing, and they found your product to be an interesting solution to their problem. The more positive video reviews you have, the more convinced a shopper will be that they’re making the right decision.

Out of the above, in my experience, product review videos can do wonders when you add them to your product page. Any online store will have a review section where they display the ratings and text reviews.

But a review in the form of a video is like putting a face to the testimonial, vouching for your product. And that’s why it is my absolute favorite!

But finding product review videos can be tough. After all the hunting and looking around for apps that could help me to do it automatically, I came across an app called Videowise. It pulls in the videos from YouTube on its own, which makes it easier for me to decide what I want to showcase on my storefront. You could try it too!