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How to know when to leave because my product is a LOSER

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Hi Shopify community!


I have a drop shipping store with a product that I think it great, and it's not over saturated. I have good confidence in the product through research. Here's the thing - two weeks with various FaceBook ad testing my ads to 80,000 impressions. 6% of people watch more than 75% of my 30 second video ad - top of the funnel looks okay?

3,400 (4.34% CTR) people landed on my site in the past two weeks - mid funnel, shows product interest is there, right? 

Only 3 sales though! Feel like my site is fairly "dialed in" but it's not converting.

Is my product a loser, or is my site a loser, or am I the loser? Ha. 

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Hey @bblosse67 

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it's pretty normal. try to work on the issues systematically.

You might have to spend more of your time on your retargeting efforts for the next few weeks

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