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How to link a facebook lead generation ad to my shopify customers list?

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Hi Guys, 

I want to set up an facebook ad for lead generation - giving 25% off in exchange for name and email details. 

My concern is that I want this to update my Shopify customers list automatically - like what happens when someone signs up for my newsletter  located at the footer of my site: 

My question is, is this possible? Has anyone out there done it? 

Example of ad type: 

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 9.46.43 AM.png

Thanks in advance!!

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Hello chilledlady2019,

I hope you're safe and well.

There are 2 different way to do it.

1. Lead generation Objective, you can select this objective and create a custom form for form submission by using name and mail id filed you can collect the leads from lead centre in your Facebook page and can use CRM to maintain that data in your Shopify store for more details please go through this blog.

2. Directly create a landing page for sign up and run the ads for link clicks or landing page view this will be much easy then 1st one.


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Awesome, thank you Astha Upadhyay I will carry out the second option. 

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How did you make out with this?  Once they signed up, how did you ensure that just they got the 20% off code not everyone else who signs up to the newsletter?  I am trying to figure out something similar:) -Susan

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Set up a landing page with a sign up form in it. You can use Klaviyo signup forms. Get your welcome flow ready and insert the discount code in the first email. Whoever sign up the form in your landing page will trigger the welcome email flow and receive the email.

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How Do Facebook Lead Ads and Shopify Work Together?

Authenticate Facebook Lead Ads + Shopify in Step 1.

30 second timer

Step 2: Choose one of the applications to act as a trigger for your automation.

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Step 3: From the other app, select a resultant action.

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Step 4: Choose the information you wish to transfer from one app to another.

Time: 2 minutes

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