How to make 12.000$ from 1000$ ad spent? 💰 Do REMARKETING ⚡️

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I know many of you doing it in this way already but I am pretty sure that some of you set-up remarketing in a simplest (laziest) way and left it and don't have good results.


Put some effort & time and get ROAS 12 (or more!).


How to set it up 💡?


Check the video ⬇️


Sorry for my English-lag 🇵🇱🇺🇸 but it's not my first language & and I am bit jitters so sometimes I had to think longer than usual 😄


As you can see I have a prospecting campaign with ROAS 4. What is the key? Custom Audiences. I will make another video about it soon.


Enjoy watching. Hope to talk to YOU in the comments.

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