How to make a keyword go to top 1 google search ?

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I want to Seo a key word go to top 1 google search? I try to do many thing but no thing is changed 🙂 

Who can help me? 

I want to do with keyword: open representative office in Vietnam and keyword: trademark registration in Vietnam my website: 

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Hey @vietnamlawyer , I'm not sure your site is a Shopify one but I'll help nonetheless!

SEO is its own whole beast and takes a while to learn. It'd be way too difficult to tell you "what you need to do" in just one forum answer. You need to learn how to optimize your pages: for speed (your website is fairly slow), for SEO on-page (make sure you have a meta title/description, descriptive h1 tags and content on most pages). You need to create helpful content that makes Google want to rank your site higher... and get backlinks from other sites in your industry—if they see you as a leader, so will Google.

MoZ's Beginner Guide to SEO is a great place to start.

Let me know if that helped!

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Hi @vietnamlawyer 

I have some Shopify and eCommerce SEO resources for you to refer:

Really hope those article somehow could help you!

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