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How to make Discount capped at certain amount?

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Hi all, I wish to know how I can set a max/capped amount that can be discounted from total cart or product amount when using a percentage discount code. Tried searching around and only found an unanswered old post (

Quoted the example from that post

So for example: a customer orders $100 worth of product, the discount code removes $30 from that subtotal. Another customer order $300 worth of product, they will still only be discounted $75, even though $90 is 30% of $300, because the cap is set to only go as high as $75.

Please let me know what options available to do this if there is any.

Thanks in advance.

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Were you able to find a solution for this?  I wasn't able to find an app that could do this.  Seems like a very simple concept but no one has the feature.