How to make Shopify sales from Google shopping ads

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Hello Ladies & Gents, If you're struggling with your Shopify  store then you need to read this very carefully.
Google Product Listing ads (aka Google Shopping), is the absolute best way for Shopify beginners to start making sales and turn a profit immediately.
Google Shopping Ads convert incredibly well, because every user that clicks through are already in the mindset to purchase the product you’re selling. Their credit card are literally in their hands already, especially having seen your product’s price before even clicking through.

My Google Shopping Ad Strategy:

Phase 1- Use Google Shopping Ads and start collecting Facebook Pixel Data:
The first phrase is to use Google Shopping ads to drive sales to your Shopify Store and start profiting immediately. You can do that in Google Adwords.
Make sure you have the Facebook pixel installed during the entire phase to capture key data about all incoming visitors to your site, all of which are highly targeted visitors with buyer’s intent.

Phase 2- Run Facebook Retargeting Campaigns
By running Google Shopping Ads to your Shopify Store, you’re not only making sales, but gathering critical data on all of this targeted traffic, using the Facebook pixel.

Once your Facebook pixel has matured with enough visitors’ data, then, and only then, run Facebook remarketing campaigns. I use "ROI Hunter Easy Retargeting " App for Google & FB automated retargeting

:In your remarketing campaign, target users who simply visited your site but took no action. Hit them with another ad to convince them using a different medium to check out your product.
:Target users who have abandoned cart, but with a different ad that persuades them to complete the purchase. I’ve found offering them a coupon to be really effective.
:And finally, create a lookalike audience based on users who have actually made a purchase. This targets people who share similar profiles to those who have bought on your site. Look-a-like audiences are incredibly powerful for scaling and skyrocketing your Shopify sales.

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