How to manage affiliates with discount codes

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We are currently using discount codes to track affiliates. As our volume is low (new store), we can't yet justify spending on a dedicated affiliates Shopify app, so we manually create a new 20% discount code for each affiliate.

The affiliate then tells their contacts to use that specific discount code, and we can then track that sale towards that affiliate.

There doesn't seem to be a way to direct users to your website and have a discount code automatically applied to their cart.

This is what we would like to be able to do:

  • Define a discount code for a specific affiliate (e.g. discount code AFF201 for a ficticious Email Productivity Podcast) - this is currently doable
  • Set up an easy-to-use (as in: speak out in a podcast episode, for instance) URL redirect, so that users are told to go to and are then redirected to a page that will automatically apply the discount code, e.g. - setting up a URL redirect is currently doable, but since there is now no way to automatically apply a discount code, it doens't make sense to create these redirects...

Whatever the customer then does, the discount code AFF201 would then be applied without the customer needing to enter that code manually.

That way everybody would be happy:, the customer gets a discount, we can track the sale coming from that specific affiliate and take care of remunerating the affiliate accordingly.

Does anyone see a way to do this with the default Shopify platform (no paid Shopify app)?

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I was pointed to a step-by-step instruction that more or less does this (without the redirect part, but that can easily be done manually). I'm off to implement and test that!

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Hi Emilien,

Did you try the instructions on the link? I am intrested to know if it works so that I can also implement.



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Hi Mitra, yes and it works well. I did have to make two changes, which I've documented in my post on that thread. Good luck!

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So using your current system as stated above how do you keep transparency with your affiliates? And do you manually do payouts every so often based on the referral and discount code data?