How to market my drop shipping art prints and get sales

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Hi Everyone,


Ive been on Shopify for quite a while and I am struggling to get sales.


i dont really know what im doing wrong.


Ive managed about 20 sales on Etsy with mainly the same content but i can’t work out how to get going on Shopify.


Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated 🙏🏻


Best regards,


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You can try doing some PPC (Google ads, performance max campaign). Just need to make sure that your cost per acquisition is lower than the lifetime value of the customer

Rob Benson-May

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Hi Michael, the big difference between Etsy and your Shopify site is Etsy is both a search engine AND a marketplace to buy things, whereas your Shopify website is just a place for people to buy your art.


What this means is Etsy will help people find your artwork and then help you sell it, but with your Shopify site you are 100% responsible for getting people to find your site on their own.


There are lots of ways to help people find your Shopify website, including making sure the content on your Shopify site is optimized for SEO, to organic posting on social media, to running paid ads on Google, Facebook, etc, to maintaining an active email list.


No matter what you do there will an investment of either time and/or money to get people to your website.


Then there are more advanced options like advertising a 'free + shipping' offer for a small print, and then having an upsell process to entice people to buy a larger size of that print at a discounted price.

Shopify Partner
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Hi Michael,


How are you ranking on organic traffic? Is your website optimized for conversions? 


Before going through the ads route, which I wouldn't recommend to start with, it would be important to get these details to be able to help you.




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