How to maximize holiday ad returns on Google, Meta and TikTok in 2022?

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BFCM marks the start of the peak holiday shopping season. If you're spending money on ads across Google, Meta and TikTok, some advance planning will ensure you get the best returns. 


I've attached a link to a short paper with some tips to keep in mind. These include:



  • Prepare your inventory and know your shipping cutoff dates
  • Have your assets ready to go well before you plan to launch (aim for Halloween)
  • Develop a strategy for all the channels first


  • Give yourself plenty of time to build up a remarketing audience and get ads approved
  • Use lookalike audiences to target people similar to your existing customers
  • Make your videos, photos, and copy stand out among the noise


  • Develop a good keyword strategy for the season, using longer keywords and phrases
  • Create ad copy specific to your sales, promotions, or the holiday season
  • Use Smart Bidding, but only if you’ve given it enough time to learn ahead of peak season


  • Prioritize fresh content that follows the current trends on the platform
  • Leverage UGC to get the word out and make your offer interactive
  • Link your Shopify store for seamless shopping through TikTok


Here's the full paper. I hope you find this useful.


(I tried to attach it here but pdfs aren't accepted.)



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