How to merge shopify blogs into one link ?

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Hi everyone,

I am starting a blog on my website, and I've seen that Shopify allows one to make multiple blogs, for different thematics I guess ?

So I made three of them, with different articles belonging to each one, but I'm facing a problem. I would like to put a link on my homepage, entitled "Blog", but when I take a look at the navigation menu, I only have the possibility of linking one of these three blogs to my link.

Isn't there a way to regroup them ? Or maybe a drop-down menu from the button link ?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Have a nice day.

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Hi Steakpuree,

There is no default way to display all blogs as 1 page / URL. What you can do is to put all your articles as 1 blog, and organize them by using article tags.

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