How to offer a free gift with an affiliate purchase?

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Hey Everyone!


I’m hoping to start an affiliate marketing program with the following:


- Customer uses affiliate code at checkout and a free mystery gift is added to their cart


- Affiliate receives 10% comission


- Mystery gift doesn’t need to be an actual product, just a placeholder/note where both customer knows they’re getting one and fulfilment includes it with the order


Is anyone aware of the best way to do this?


I’ve struggled to find any app or combination of apps that can help us run this style of affiliate marketing.


Thankyou very much!

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Hi @Eilman93,


This is Ellie from Free gift. I hope that my answer can still be relevant for you now.


Can you specify for me how your affiliate system works?


If your affiliates use referral links, I recommend checking out Free gift. In the app, it has the option to make the offer eligible for specific link address. You can add the offer parameter at the end of each affiliate link, so the commission can be recorded AND customers receive gifts at the same time.


Here is a screenshot of the feature in BOGOS:



That's my recommendation. Hope it helps! 😊💜


All the best,


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Use Free gift to create special promotions: BOGO, gift with purchase, product bundles on your store!
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