How to optimize product URLs for better SEO?

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Hello there, 


we are currently trying to update our Shopify Product URLs in order to work on our seo. So far the URL as changed in the product pages wont be displayed. 


Has anyone of you had experience with that? 


Any help is highly appreciated! Thank you in advance! 

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Hi Cuisine team,

Optimizing product URLs for SEO is a must, but it seems that this is not true in most cases.

  + If your website is new and doesn't have too many indexed product URLs, then optimizing the product URLs seems quite easy.

  + However, for a website that already has indexed product URLs, you’ll need to consider carefully whether to optimize the URL or not.


- The usual URL optimization will be 301 redirected from the previous URL to a new one. Having too many redirects can lead to some negative effects:


  1. Page Loading Speed: Each 301 redirect creates an intermediate step, which can increase page loading time. If there are too many redirects, the site can slow down and negatively impact user experience.
  2. Loss of PageRank: Even though 301 redirects move between URLs, there may be a slight loss of "PageRank" (SEO power) due to multiple navigations. This can affect site ranking in search results.
  3. Crawling and Indexing: Too many redirects can make it difficult for Googlebot or other browsers to effectively "crawl" and "index" your site. This inefficiency can result in delayed indexing of content or an increased crawl budget, where the search engine allocates more resources to crawl and understand your site’s structure.
  4. User Experience: If users encounter too many redirects while accessing the website, this may cause confusion or dissatisfaction with their experience.


In your case, changing the URL will be redirected from the old URL. Please make sure the redirection is correct. If the error is still not resolved, there might be conflicts on your site and needs to be rechecked in detail.


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Hi @TeamCuisine ,


It sounds like you're encountering issues with updating your product URLs for SEO purposes. This can happen if the changes haven't propagated yet or if there's an issue with how the URLs are being redirected within Shopify. Ensure you're following Shopify's guidelines for URL changes, including setting up redirects from old to new URLs to preserve SEO value.


Regarding your SEO efforts, SEOPro can significantly assist in this process. It offers tools for bulk updating product URLs, which can save you time and ensure consistency across your store. Additionally, SEOPro provides comprehensive SEO audits and recommendations, helping you identify and fix other potential SEO issues that may affect your store's visibility.


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