How to optimize social media for a small clothing store?

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Hi All. About to launch the site but wanted to set up social media and search engines correctly: posting,  frequency, channels. Looking for a blueprint, follow the plan for social media or an expert in the field at a reasonable price. 

It's a clothing store with very few items.


Any advice is appreciated

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How to set up social handles or optimize them, you'll get the tutorials online. No need to hire anyone if you've working knowledge of how to use those platforms.


If you've limited products on the website right now, first launch It, see the response, and then if you think it's not working, you can hire someone from available freelancing platroms!

In the start, the Daily 1 post will be fine with proper hashtags.

Convert a simple Instagram account into a business account & study insights for better understanding.


I hope this helps.

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Hi @Shopifee , thank you for visiting the Shopify Forum


Congrats on this launch, a good content strategy is a great investment beacuse if all your traffic comes from ads you have a very fragile business. We generally work with content creators so we know a lot of tricks.


 We have helped clients make over 300K last year with $0 on ads only with organic social content and Instagram collaborated with my store last year for their holiday small business campaign.


We can do a 90 minute consulting session.


Hoped it helped


Happy Sales,



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Helllo there @Shopifee congratulations for your launch and welcome to Shopify community. I am an expert in product marketing and I've been working as a Digital marketing consultant for over three years now so I believe I can help you and at a very reasonable price. Send me a direct message if interested. 

Ps: I'll send a video of my last work