How to Prevent Facebook Accounts from Being Banned?

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I need to advertise in facebook and I want to register multiple fb accounts. But it is easy to be banned by fb:(

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 I would talk about why you get banned from FB and how to avoid it.


What is a Facebook ban?


A Facebook ban is when you are temporarily or permanently denied access to your personal account or when your business page becomes invisible (unpublished) or permanently deleted because it breaks Facebook laws (post inappropriate content, post too fast, give too many likes, etc.).


Why I get banned from FB?


  1. Constantly posting indentical messages in multiple groups or pages
  2. Following suspicious groups or add suspicious people to the friends list
  3. Ignoring the FB personal account and spaming ads all over the platforms with the business account
  4. Deleting comments that looks like you are hiding a truth from your customers
  5. Ignoring customers’ complaints and making them dissatisfied.
  6. Posting on Facebook pages with non-personal profiles
  7. Adding people to groups without their consent
  8. Frequently changing the IP and devices


How to prevent my FB accounts from being blocked?

1.Create only one account per person

Facebook clearly stipulates that a person can only have one Facebook account. If you really need to create multiple accounts, you need to be extra cautious because the accounts cannot be associated with the original account in any form. For example, if your phone number or e-mail match the original account information, the account will be blocked immediately.


2.Post original content and don’t post or promote illegal content

If you only forward but do not have any original information, FB can easily determine that you are an advertising account and then ban your account. The content and pictures posted must be original whether it is on Facebook's personal homepage or business homepage, because many pictures on the Internet may have been marked as spam. In addition to its powerful inspection system, Facebook also calls on users to report illegal or false content, so never post or promote violence, drugs, pornography, or sensitive content such as caste, religion, gender, or skin color on Facebook. Otherwise, your Facebook account will be blocked.


3.Don’t tag people in photos at will

When posting photos, don’t tag too many people, especially those who are not in the photo! Otherwise, although the content has gained more exposure, it is a kind of spam and harassment information for others and will be reported and blocked!


4.Don't add too many strangers and accept friend requests from multiple strangers

If you send a large number of friend requests to people who have no contact with you, you will be rejected by many people, which is easily recognized by Facebook that you are a spammer. It is recommended to add 1-2 fans a day. If you want to do well in Facebook marketing, you should create content and let others follow you. Similarly, if you accept a large number of friend requests, Facebook will also suspect your behavior and may ban your accounts.


5.Do not frequently change the login device or use a fingerprint browser

The most conservative method is to log in to one account on one computer because every device has its fingerprint which will be easily detected by Facebook and associate your different accounts by fingerprint and IP detection. If you want to log in to multiple Facebook accounts, you should use an anti-detection browser with different proxy IPs. At present, the most useful fingerprint browsers are Multilogin, Linken's Sphere and AdsPower. You can avoid being detected by FB with these tools and take some automatic operations such as checking pages and BM, which can greatly improve the efficiency of team management and fb advertising. I recommend AdsPower, which is useful and cheap.

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First of all, there are some specific reasons of bans. There already described but also sometimes fb just bans us, for no reason. You will get a ban for sure, soon or later. But there’s a solution.

Have you ever tried a Facebook agency ad account? They're the most solid ones since they're under manual review and licensed by Facebook. Also, usually, the agency has its own FB representative who helps with different issues. I am running Facebook ads with agency accounts only, no hassle with bans, no spending limits. My monthly spend for ads is $200k-300k.  

Let me know if you need more details. My te legram is: cassshy 

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You need multiple advertising accounts, the best advice for you is to rent an account that is both cost-effective and comfortable. Strong account, high budget spending (5K$/day or more) a large number of accounts provide. You just need to set the rest of the camp, and the Support department will take care of everything, always support 24/24h to solve all problems such as flag assignment, abnormality ... support hiding comments, and support when campaigns are not approved. browse (by picture, by safe page…)
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