How to resolve a 'Website Needs Improvement' suspension?

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I've been dealing with this suspension for the entire month, i corrected a lot of things until i got this response: 


"Upon reviewing your concern with the wider team, I would like to inform you that ensure that your website is fully functional and customized for your business and products. Upon checking the website, I found that the website is still not accessible in some parts of the world, you can also check the same by using this link.

I recommend you to contact the website developer of your website in order to make the required changes."


And in another mail:

"Post checking accounts, it has come to our attention that the account is suspended for Website Needs Improvement, so we checked the website ( for any issues. We have observed that the website is not globally accessible, which means the website is not working for certain locations such as: Singapore, Virginia, California, etc. As per the Google Policies irresponsible for the Country Of Sake the website should be accessible from all the locations, as the crawlers may crawl the website from any locations."


The developers told me they fixed this issue, so i asked Google AGAIN (a couple times tbh) if everything was fine for me to ask for a review, and of all the times i've asked they've only replied once with:

"What is the Issue: It has been detected that your website needs improvement in order for you to continue using Merchant Center to sell, list, or advertise your products.

You can resolve this issue by: (...)"


I can only wait for them to reply to the other messages for them to manually check my site? 

If someone could check if they find everything fine? I still have to wait for them to answer but it's the holidays so.... Anyways, happy holidays everyone! Let's hope i finish the year with no issues with Google.

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There can be many reasons, the only way to resolve a suspension is by resolving all possible reasons.

Have a look here:

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