How to run Google Ads for Shopify

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So you finally decided to launch your own business and put your ecommerce online. Do you find yourself needing extra help with your digital marketing strategy? In this post, you will find how to start running your Google Ads and Shopping campaigns for Shopify.

Google Shopping is one of the tools very useful especially for small and medium business. It gives them a tool to be at the same level as any competitor. These smart campaigns incorporate remarketing, which will help us to simplify the process and improve conversion.

  • Based on Google’s data there are almost 60,000 searches per second. That’s one of the main reasons why no matter what you are selling, Google will be able to drive relevant traffic to your store.
  • You don’t pay if people do not click on your ads. This means that all the impressions (everytime that your ads are shown) you get are for free!
  • Google Ads provides faster results than SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So while you are improving your SEO strategy we highly recommend you to run Google Ads campaigns meanwhile in order to maximize your opportunities.

So, if you need some help, you can use this free Google Ads and Shoping app for Shopify.