How to run successful facebook ads (with an example!)

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This ad breakdown comes from Henry who is a founder of SarNat Media which helps e-commerce businesses produce an unearthly ROI through paid advertising.



The copy used for this ad is focused on a testimonial to create social proof in the prospect's mind which leads to trust...
And since this is probably a retargeting ad, the prospect is already familiar with the brand so all that is left is to increase TRUST...
This can be done, effectively, by leveraging testimonials!
After the testimonial, the prospect now trusts the brand a bit more...
BUT usually, people make up reasons in their head why the product might not be for them, even if it worked for other people...
This is why we see some objection handling after the testimonial to ensure that there is nothing that could be possibly wrong with the product!
Lastly, we notice a very soft CTA "If you are looking for a SAFE way to get glowin' skin, look no further."
Personally, I would have used something just a tad more direct...
And lastly, we have a money-back guarantee to sweeten the deal.
One thing I wanted to mention is that I don't really like the first line of the copy...
"The World's #1 Retinol Gummy!"
No one cares about that...
Remember: WIIFM? (What's In It For ME?)
That's all your prospects care about...


The creative is very simple and its only job is to get people's attention while not tipping off that it's an ad...
And the best way to do that is to have a person smiling at the camera, just like a picture your BFF would share on Facebook...
Also, we see the product being used which makes the prospect ask "what's she eating?"
Like I said, simple and effective. People will stop scrolling because it looks like a picture of their friends and if they are intrigued by the copy, they'll keep on reading...

The headline is just a 10% Off coupon to get people over the buying line, pretty standard for retargeting ads!

That's all for this ad breakdown!

Henry would be speaking in one of our weekly webinars very soon. Click here to register if you would like to attend a webinar and get ready with your Facebook/Insta ad to receive feedback from him.


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Shopify Partner
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Hi and thanks for that! I believe the info is definitely useful for anyone starting to advertise on Facebook.

I would also use the chance to use social media shopping which enables customers to purchase goods or services by tapping on photos/videos on social media channels (for instance, Instagram or Facebook).

Shopping on Facebook

Both Facebook and Instagram offer several shoppable features, like product tags, that can take shoppers directly to the product catalog or a business website, where they can get more information about the items they’re interested in.

In May 2020, Facebook launched another e-commerce feature – Facebook Shops – that allows shop owners to create a virtual storefront that the customers can use to browse and purchase products without leaving even the platform.

Facebook Shops carries wide customization options so that the business owners can make their storefronts on social media reflect their overall brand image. It means it's possible to provide a seamless shopping experience through different channels and still keep your brand identity intact.

How does Facebook Shops work with Shopify?

Shopify allows you to set up a Facebook Shop and sync your product catalogs with your Facebook account. There are 3 requirements, however, that you should meet to be able to list your Shopify products on Facebook Shops:

Once these requirements are met, you should have a Shop section active on Facebook to start selling. Note that if you already have any products uploaded to your Facebook page, setting up a Facebook Shop will replace them with the products from your Shopify store.

PRO tip: Install Shopify’s Facebook channel app to make it easier to manage all your marketing and sales activities.