How to scale up?

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What is the best way to increase revenue? I have had a average of $250 in sales for the past 3 months but I want to know how do I scale up?

I do instagram/FB posting every 2 days. I have done email marketing but it was not so effective so I stopped.

I sell customized phone cases (Not from aliexpress but drawn by our own artist) and wall prints so I want to know anyone has any idea what is the best way to increase our revenue?

Javier Wong
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it think that getting your product in more channels is probably the best way forward and marketing to specific audiences. ie A band or sports team.

Paid advertising is pushed as the holy grail but obviously you have to have cornered your market and that comes down to trial and error. 

The best idea would be to look at your current sales and see if there are any trends that you can pick up on and then see if you can get any referral business from existing customers.

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Hey Javier,  

Scaling up is a mammoth task to take on. Non the less a task that must be dealt with head-on. 

You can start by creating brand awareness via facebook. Boost your page post, initially, to increase your awareness. This will help drive more visitors to your website or help them understand what your USP is. 

You can try ranking on high on SERPs, this will help you drive traffic quickly and also create a form of trust in the consumers ( don’t forget googles algorithms is constantly rating your landing page so make sure it’s well optimized). Optimize your pages for search engines, it is the most effective method of driving traffic to your website.

Write blogs: Content is king. The more you write the more you’ll help your consumers why they need your product or why it stands out. Create a content calendar and stick to it. Blog and long-form content really help drive traffic. If your blogs start ranking on SERPs, it creates credibility for your products as well.

After you have a sufficient number of visitors you should dive into a remarketing strategy. Facebook and Instagram have a plethora of advertising methods, leverage the one that suits your budget and purpose.    

Here are a few blogs you can read to understand how to scale: 

Facebook Product Ads Simplified: A step by step guide to getting started

10 Best Practices for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

If you're looking for an automated solution to help you scale, feel free to check out our Shopify app

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You could always try PPC ads, they work wonders in some niches. There are some offers floating around at the minute you could try. Facebook ads seem to be doing very well at the minute!
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Hey Javier,

When it comes to scaling your business, I find FB advertising is a good channel. But there's one caveat: you likely won't get scalable growth because your audience targeting may be off. You may think you're targeting the right audience, but a tiny mistake can waste hundreds of dollars. 

Here are my suggestions (with some self promotion thrown in 🙂

1. Understand your target market

You have to research your target market. Knowing the customer demographics helps you design ads based on target audiences. It can be pretty hard to know who your target market is, but machine learning apps on Shopify can automatically identify the best audiences for you.

2. Ad Design

You can design the ads yourself or work with an agency to develop them. They will design various types of ads, such as video ads, static image ads, full-page takeovers, animated images, and so on. Include a clear call to action (CTA) in your images to entice people into clicking on them. A CTA is basically a button that says Learn More, Buy Now, Sign Up Now, etc.

3. Optimization

There are many levels of optimization that help in producing the best results. The optimization techniques include:

  • Testing ad frequency
  • Experimenting with the time of placing ads
  • Placing different ads to different people
  • Testing ads on various sites

4. Monitor performance

The final task is to monitor ad performance. Make sure the ads provide the desired outcome. If they aren’t meeting your goals, there is something wrong with the landing page, ads, or other things.

Shopify Facebook Ad & Display Ad Best Practices

Here are some best practices for Facebook and display ads:

  • Use a strong product image
  • Add a promotion
  • Have a clear call to action (CTA)
  • Include your company logo
  • Add a strong headline
  • Instill a sense of urgency

Shopify Advertising App Recommendations

Pollen: Pollen enables you to acquire customers on Facebook and across the web simply and cost effectively. Through powerful automation, Pollen offers an easy-to-use marketing platform that’s sole expertise is in driving sales. It takes as little as 2 minutes to set up a campaign. Pollen takes care of the rest. It’s as simple as that! Time is money, so start your free 7 day trial today!

I wrote an in-depth blog post about this. You can read more here.

Put your Facebook Ads on Autopilot -
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I'm a fan of referral marketing combined with popups. Let me explain why this will scale your business.

Popups are an efficient way to convert leads into buyers and referral marketing will get you, even more, leads and traffic.

You can build an offer like: "Want immediate 10% off and run the chance to win 50% off ?" Subscribe now.  Interested people will definitely join such a campaign to get the 10% off and if they really like your products they will refer your store to their friends to get the 50% off. In this way you upsell and you exponentially get more traffic to your website. Imagine 1 buyer gives you 3 more leads, that would definitely help you to scale.


Let me know if you want me to help you build such a campaign.

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Great post. Thanks for sharing.

The big question retailers need to ask is: Does your company deliver deep domain expertise?

In a world where it’s never been easier to start a retail store, it’s never been more difficult to acquire a customer. As the number of new stores increases, the number of potential customers decreases. That’s where domain expertise is a strong acquisition strategy. Young ecommerce brands that do one thing exceptionally well, rather than acting like a general store, deliver a unique value proposition that causes customers to go to them versus anybody else.

Mack Weldon is a perfect case study for this indicator. With their smart design and premium high performance fabrics, the startup used their deep domain expertise to create what they called smart underwear for smart guys. They reinvented and updated menswear essentials. Making sure men never have to venture to the department store ever again. 

We blogged more about this today if you want to learn more:

Hope that helps!

Kevin Simonson is the CEO of Metric Digital, a performance marketing agency in New York City that focuses on driving revenue and customers through for ecommerce business via online advertising, email and other digital marketing channels.
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This is what I like to do:

- Drive cold traffic with Adwords

- Setup fb/instagram retargeting

- Setup an affiliate program and invite brand ambassadors (get referrals + linkbacks)

- Do some giveaways to build buzz

Then of course your onsite stuff like abandoned cart, reviews, recommended products, etc.

If you need any recommendations on apps for automated marketing just give me a shout.

Oh one more since you have custom drawn products by artists, you have some branding you can play with to show people why you're different... building community stuff like that.

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