How to segment customers by vendor purchases without using an app?

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Anyone have any luck with a work around the new segmentation on grouping customers buy the vendors they've ordered from? I have an app I pay $10 a month to tag customers by their vendor purchases so I can email the appropriate people. I sell a wide variety items like home decor, to dog toys, to gourmet ingredients. I like being able to send emails to customers who purchase dog toys and exclude the gourmet customers since it wont pertain to them. Id love to not spend $10 a month doing this anymore since shopify implemented the segmentation but it only works on specific products and not an entire vendor or product type.

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I want to do the same, again, can't find a way to do it and think it would be a really useful funtion. We're an Art Gallery and sell work by many different artists. We use the Vendor field on a Product to identify who the artist is. We'd love to be able to filter or tag customers to show us which customers have previously purchased work by a given Vendor / Artist so we can email them to let them know when we have new work in by that Artist. Really hope Shopify will add this to their Segemntation options in the future. Or do let me know if you've found a way to do it. What App do you use?

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The easiest way I found is this one.

Now go to all products filter by vendor. Select them and click add tag and add your vendors name as a tag.


Now go to customers on the top write this code


products_purchased(tag: 'your tag') = true


click apply and you're done.