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I was just curious to see if marketing through Youtube, Facebook or Instagram can translate to actual sales


I want to try social media marketing but I am not sure which one is my best choice. I am going to sell merch (shirts & shorts) and digital mp3  downloads.


What's your thoughts?


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There are various way 

1. You can use ad managers to sell your product

2. You can use eCommerce site platform too because it will help you to grow your business.

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I've seen different channels work for different brands.


For example:

- Facebook retargeting reliably works great for multiple returns on ad spend.

- I've seen other people have success with Pinterest, but I haven't been able to get it working for the brands I've tried.

- Youtube is worth doing if you can invest in video.

- Instagram works great for product brands, but can be hard to track ROI exactly.


Some stats to consider:

- 60% of users discover products on Instagram

- Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs (Google likes to rank Youtube videos)

- 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers (so using video and posting to FB and YT can be a good strategy)


These stats are from (there's a 100+ marketing stats infographic)



- Eventually I would test all the channels to see what works. I like to set a budget for a channel and give it 6 weeks, then evaluate the results. You can try multiple at a time if you have the resources.

- Once you find winning channels, you can then divert 80% of your resources to that channel and scale up.

- Since you're selling merch, I think Instagram would be a good starting point. If you don't have a large following, IG ads will help with exposure. You could also do sponsored post or affiliate program with influencers.


Have fun! 




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there are many option to sell a product


1. use paid ad managerof social media 

2. create strong profile page...invite daily with intresting offers

3. join groups related your product..which having tons of people 

4. do competitor analysis

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the best way , Google Adowrd or Facebook ads .

Through them you can reach as many potential customers as possible
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If your product is not good and you do not sell it properly then honestly none will work. Merch is really only successful if you already have an existing fan base.. Look at youtubers for example. But to market merch using ads wont work as well because you are simply relying on people to like the design. There is no marketing angle. Products that REALLY work are products that solve problems, that way you can sell the problem solving instead of the product.


People buy based on emotion, just think back to some things you have purchased 80% of the time you bought it because of what it will do for you. The problem it will solve for you. It's the same way with others. So if you can't think of a REAL GOOD reason why someone should buy it, why they NEED to buy it then you will have troubles selling it on every platform.


For merch I would just focus on building an audience first and then sell merch to them in the future. If you want to start a business right now then find a new product the people need. Marketing is easy all it is, is driving traffic... Selling and actually converting people is the challenge.  I would love to help further so please message me on Facebook I am not very active on here.

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Here are some ways to sell product via social media:-

1. Match your social strategy to your customer.
2. Create the right content at the right volume.
3. Build your network.
4. Connect it back to the business.



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There are many ways to sell a product online and almost all of them are result-driven and are getting used by the top social media marketers. 


The most effective and most used ways for selling a product online are - 


  • Run a paid ad campaign for the same with proper research for the competitors and the target audience.
  • Organic Posting for your product can create an audience engagement and can help you in selling your product.
  • Influencer Marketing can also help you in selling your products online and create better revenue.


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Good Idea. Thanks for sharing.