How to send an email after few months to remind customer to refill their product.

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Hi guys,

I sell a product that needs refilling after 3 months. How do I set up Shopify automation so that I send my customers a reminder every 3 months that they need to refill their product?

Help would be much appreciated I'm struggling over here 😂

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Hi there!


So luckily this is actually super easy! When you have the Shopify plan, or higher, you can install Shopify Flow and just make a flow that automatically repeats itself every 3 months. The time feature in Flow has been added a couple of weeks/months ago so these things are more simple then ever.


Hope this helps!

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Hi @ThomKnepper 


How would your flow look like?

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Hello @conrnie,


Good day! Gina from flareAI app helping Shopify merchants get $6Million+ in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

You can set up automated reminders for your customers to refill their product every 3 months in Shopify using the built-in automation tools. Try this approach.

1. Create a new customer tag by going to the "Customers" section in your Shopify admin and selecting "Create a new tag". Name the tag something like "3-month refill reminder".

2. Create a custom order status by going to "Settings" and selecting "Order Statuses". Create a new custom order status called "3-month refill reminder".

3. Create a new draft order by going to "Orders" and selecting "Create order". Add the customer who needs a refill and the product they need to refill.

4. Apply the "3-month refill reminder" tag to the customer by clicking "More actions" in the order and selecting "Add tags".

5. Update the order status to "3-month refill reminder".

6. Schedule the reminder email by going to "Settings", selecting "Notifications", and scrolling down to "Order Statuses". Select "Add notification" and create a new notification email reminding the customer to refill their product. Choose the "3-month refill reminder" order status.

7. Set up automation by going to "Settings", selecting "Automations", and choosing "Create new automation". Set the trigger to "Order status changes to 3-month refill reminder", set the action to "Send notification email", and choose the reminder email you created in step 6.

By following these steps, customers will receive an email reminder to refill their product every time their order status changes to "3-month refill reminder". You can create multiple draft orders and apply the customer tag to all of them at once to send reminders for multiple orders.


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