How to send customers 10$ discount for 35$ purchase

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I want to send to each customer 10$ discount for 35$+ purchase and 20$ discount for purchase 70$+. This way they will be able to put discount code on their second purchase. If i'll create a discount in advance then I can email to a customer that discount code. That brings two issues:

  • that means discount code for each client will be the same and customers can share that code between them and they can apply this code even on their first purchase.
  • client on a second purchase can spend 30$, 40$, 80$. Then for third purchase he will be eligible to no discount, 10$ or 20$ discount. If I do restrictions for that discount code to use only once per customer then on third order client will not be able to use same code he used on second order. If I will not do this restriction, then customer for his third order can use code that he received after first order purchase even if he spend only 30$ and he's not eligible for that discount.

Best way would be if I could generate discount code for each customer and send it with order confirmation email. How can I create discount codes unique to each customer programmatically (hopefully in template Settings -> Notifications -> Order confirmation ). Your documentation states that it's possible to make 20,000,000 discounts per store ( I'm sure 20,000,000 can't be done manually and there is a way to do it automatically.

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Hi there,


We are looking for a similar app too. Did you ever find a solution? 

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app Auto Discount: Welcome Voucher is exactly what you are looking for. With this app, you can automatically generate discount code for customer, who create an order in your store. You can set one offer to generate discount code for customer who create an order higher then 35$ and second offer to generate discount code for customer who create an order higher then 70$. So customer will be able to use this generated voucher for his next order. In app configuration you can set more options for offers like discount value (percent, or fix, or percent from order value) and much more.