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Hello, This is my website: (the theme doesn't matter).


How do i set up, when a person sign in (subscribes) to the newsletter (it's in the buttom of the page) he will automatically receivce e-mail back?

I'm looking so far for free app, or partly paid one that when you reach X amount of messages then you start to pay.


I DO NOT look for a campaign marketing - those are different purposes.

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Hey @hunter_official ,

Mailchimp is what we use, it's a great free option:
Here is how to connect Mailchimp to your Shopify store:

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Best of luck!

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@EcomGeeks  - Thank you for your reply.


I have signed for mail chimp & Synced my store using ShopSync.

Went back to Mail chimp and created automation for "Single welcome email" 

Sends To

New subscribed contacts immediately after they join [my_shop_name].

When i submit e-mail to newsletter nothing happens , i don't get the email.

help please!


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