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Hello, This is my website: (the theme doesn't matter).


How do i set up, when a person sign in (subscribes) to the newsletter (it's in the buttom of the page) he will automatically receivce e-mail back?

I'm looking so far for free app, or partly paid one that when you reach X amount of messages then you start to pay.


I DO NOT look for a campaign marketing - those are different purposes.

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Hey @hunter_official ,

Mailchimp is what we use, it's a great free option:
Here is how to connect Mailchimp to your Shopify store:

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Best of luck!

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@EcomGeeks  - Thank you for your reply.


I have signed for mail chimp & Synced my store using ShopSync.

Went back to Mail chimp and created automation for "Single welcome email" 

Sends To

New subscribed contacts immediately after they join [my_shop_name].

When i submit e-mail to newsletter nothing happens , i don't get the email.

help please!


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Hello, good question. You can use Shopify Email for this, which is Shopify's own email marketing solution. It's somewhat basic, but cheap since the first 10,000 emails each month are free.


Though Shopify Email can do this, it is a bit hard to find and setup once installed. You'd think it'd be under Apps > Shopify Email but it's not. Instead, you can find it under Marketing > Automations.


It can be a bit confusing, so I also wrote a how-to guide with images on how to setup welcome emails with Shopify Email.

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