How to set up a static thank you page on Shopify for Google ads conversion tracking?

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Hi we are trying to setup on google ads, and one of the requirements is a static thank you page URL to track conversions. However the thank you page URL from shopify seems to be unique on each checkout - how do we sort this?


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Hi @Chilli 


Static thank you page is not a requirement for Google Ads conversion tracking. You can track conversions by sending the order information via an event tag from thank you page. Remember to send the order id to ensure you are not counting duplicate conversions. A lot of customers also do not send order value as well. This results in having no conversion value in Google Ads which limits your optimization opportunities.


I can confidently say that a static thank you page is not necessary as the developer of Nabu Tracking for Google Ads. We work with thousands of Shopify stores and help them track conversions in Google Ads. Let me know if you have any questions about tracking?

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A static thank you is not a requirement. For help in setting up Google Ads conversion tracking with features that help you grow campaigns and improve accuracy, see my tutorial.

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Hello @Chilli,

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A static thank-you page URL is not a strict requirement for conversion tracking in Google Ads. However, it is generally considered best practice to use a static URL for conversion tracking, as it allows you to track conversions more accurately.

If you don't use a static thank-you page URL, you will have to track conversions using a different method. For example, you could use a conversion tracking pixel or use Shopify's built-in conversion tracking script.

It's worth noting that, if you're using a unique thank-you page URL for each order, it will be difficult to track which specific ads or campaigns are driving conversions. In contrast, using a static thank-you page URL allows you to easily see which ads and campaigns are driving the most conversions, allowing you to optimize your ad campaigns for better performance.

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