How to set up conversion tracking - no end URL?

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I've been trying to set up conversion tracking on Google Analytics for a while now but keep running into a problem - I don't have an end URL. I've done research and seen two examples of end checkout URLs for the legacy and responsive checkouts and upon trying both, neither work. Does anybody have any suggestions in regards to this?


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If you want to see the customer's Journey in Google Analytics set up the Goal.You can see the Goal flow.You can use contains in URL.

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Hi Eve,


Are you using any recurring, upsell, or other checkout app? These can change the URL sometimes. Otherwise, all stores are the sam.e


If by conversion tracking in Google Analytics, you're trying to setup a goal to track sales, I have a template from my Google Analytics guide that you can install to do that within 10 seconds.

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Hi Josh,

Thanks for the reply! No, we're not using any other checkout applications or anything. I'm just following your guide and at the funnel stage checked the URL for my own customer information page, and this is the URL I see:

Does this mean my end URL won't be checkout/thank_you?