How to set up Google Ads add to cart conversion tracking?

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Hi, fellas

How should I set up Google Ads add to cart conversion tracking code?

I was thinking I should add the code at the /cart page, but this would not tracking the data if customers click the "add to cart" button, right?

So, where should I add the code to track add to cart data?

Thanks in advance.

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The easiest way to do this is to track Add To Cart events in Google Analytics (as you said, tracking any /cart visits).

Then, in a second step, you can import these conversions to Google Ads.

Make sure that you don't include Add To Cart conversions in your "Conversions" column, as Google should only optimize for the primary goal (sales).

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  1. Sign in to your Google Ads Account.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the tools icon .
  3. Click the “Measurement” drop down menu, then click Conversions.
  4. Click the conversion action that you want to use, or create a new conversion action.
  5. Install the global site tag on your site.

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Create a goal for it in Google Analytics. Presuming you have Enhanced Ecommerce setup as Shopify's native integration, in GA:

  1. Go to Admin > Goals.
  2. Create a new goal using Event.
  3. For Category: EnhancedEcommerce
  4. For Action: Added Product.
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Hi,  You have to follow these steps

  1. Step 1: Create a New Goal. First, on the Google Analytics dashboard, you'll see 'All Website Data' on the top-left corner.
  2. Step 2: Choose Goal Setup. 
  3. Step 3: Enter Goal Description.
  4. Step 4: Enter Goal Details. 
  5. Step 5: Start Recording.
  6. Step 6: View Your Data.
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Thanks, Josh.

Your reply is helpful.

How about other goals, such as checkout and adding shipping info? What to fill in the For Category and For Action?

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@Leigh3366 If you go to your Behavior > Events report, Shopify pushes a lot of data in there for such things. So, what you can do is click-through the different event names and labels to find what lines up. It does push event information through for the checkout because it is required for enhanced ecommerce.

Another quick method a novice can use to find this information is to go to the real-time analytics section. Then, do the behavior yourself (checkout) to see what event gets pushed through.

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I've done that, but when I add this event as a custom column, it doesn't show any number... it's curious because on: Tools and settings - conversions - add to0 cart; I have this event imported from analytics showing conversion values. 

What am I doing wrong?