How to set up multiple pixels to track several products for general store?

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I am running a general store and would like to run ads for 3 products. The problem is FB only allow one pixel  per account. Any other way to create more pixel? or does FB custom conversions do the same thing to track initiate checkout/ purchase?


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Dear @C_Yang 

1. Use single pixel for Single store

2. For creating multiple pixels use Facebook business manager account

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In the theme.liquid file, {{ content_for_header }} can be replaced with the following:

{% assign fb01 = '"ORIGINAL_FB_PIXEL"' %}
{% assign fb02 = '"ORIGINAL_FB_PIXEL","SECOND_FB_PIXEL"' %}
{% comment %}{{ content_for_header }}{% endcomment %}
{{ content_for_header | replace: fb01, fb02 }}

We've done this for our Facebook clients. Such a sneaky way to use multiple pixels.

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