How to start a successful giveaway contest?

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I set up my new store in Sept and I have just started a giveaway contest to attract more facebook page likes, build my email list and make some sales.  What is the best way to promote the giveaway?

I am running a facebook ad but don't have much money to spend on it.  I have already shown the giveaway in my instagram account and plan to have shoutouts with other users in the same niche.  I will also contact some forum owners in the same niche to see if they would be interested in showing the contest.  What else can I do without involving large amount of advertising cost?

This is the contest page:

Thanks in advance for any insight and suggestions :).

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Hey there, 

My two cents is to focus ALL your contest efforts on building up your mailing list - especially if you're using paid traffic. The other softer conversions can be made once you've already got them all on your list. 

I haven't personally found too many strategies for driving a large amount of subscribers in a short period of time, that hasn't involved some budget whether with influencers or ads.

The thing with influencers (when just starting out) is you can't really afford the best ones, so you hire a bunch of smaller influences (which can be great) but is also a bit of a crap shoot.

In this post you'll find 25 ways to promote your online store - many of them can be repurposed to promote your contest. There's also an insight into how the latest campaign I ran got new subscribers for as low as 0.60c. We built a pre-launch list of 781+ in ten days, and I'd say at least 80% of that was through paid methods.

The issue is you need a lot of subscribers quickly, and then you need a system in place to convert those people who signed up for a free giveaway into paying customers (which again, is where it gets tricky).

This guys gives some of the best advice I've seen on how to work with Instagram influencer accounts, and is definitely worth checking out.

Good luck with it, and keep up updated on how it goes.


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Thank you Stacey, I have checked the links you provided, lot of useful information.  Will provide an update next month on how it goes, cheers.