How to stop fb pixel from firing each time a customer visits their purchase/thank you/receipt page?

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I want to prevent this before it happens and I hear it happens a lot. I've recently connected my facebook to shopify via the new facebook channel app, I entered all of my pixel information etc..

As the question states, how would I stop the pixel firing each time a customer visits their thank you/receipt page? Each time they visit it, I hear it sends an additional purchase event. Since the pixel doesn't know the customer is "revisiting" their thank you page it counts it as another purchase in the business/ads manager.

I assume I have to wrap something in code. Please help! Thank you!

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The native Shopify Facebook pixel should not, and does not, fire when someone visits the thank you page a second time or subsequent time after the initial purchase. If it happens to, then that's a bug to be reported.

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