How to track conversion events in GA4 as UA is no longer available?

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Hi All


I have a question around conversion Tracking in GA4.

In Universal Analytics this is really straightforward following this guide.


Essentially it was just 3 steps

1. Create a conversion action in Google Ads.

2. Install the global site tag.

3. Install the event snippet.


However the documentation for GA4 and conversion tracking doesn't seem complete. 

This guide talks about migrating to Google Analytics 4.

and under Step 2 it says the following.

If you use Universal Analytics to track Google Ad conversions on you Shopify store, then you need to migrate conversion tracking to GA4.


The migrate conversion tracking to GA4 page above has a section on Tracking additional events using Google Analytics 4 and says to edit theme code to use the gtag.js API. 

It goes on to give an example of post-purchase events by adding scripts to the checkout settings in shopify admin. This is similar to Universal Analytics where we use a conversion event. There is no actual example of how to use a conversion event. 


My question is does anyone have an example of how to track conversion events in GA4 as UA is no longer available from July.


GA4 ads a purchase event by default but my understanding is that this is different to a conversion event. 


Any help to steer me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. 




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Let's wait till the Shopify expert reverts on this!

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