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How to track my customers source using UTM codes for specific pages(landing pages)

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I have a seperate alternate template for my landing page. I have my UTM codes. Now i want to integrate/install in my page to track my custoimers using different compaigns like email, facebook, e.t.c

I want to track my customers coming form which source using UTM codes. How to achieve this in my specific page? is any javascript code is there to achieve this or any APP's can help me to achieve this.

Please suggest me as i am in stuck in this from past one week. 😞

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Hi Basha,

Check out this tool for building a url to use with each campaign, email facebook etc.

Then you should be able to track the results of people clicking these links in your google analytics console.



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Hi Nelson,

First, i want to thank you for your response.

We have url's with all required UTM paramenters. We need to integrate in our specific page to track within shopify.

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Hi Mehbub,

The only thing you need is the same Google Analytics tracking ID correctly working on the template. You can use diagnostic tools and browser extensions like Tag Assistant in Chrome to check. If the template is in your Shopify theme, I suggest you use Shopify's default GA setup (rather than your own custom tracking code installation) which is set through the liquid code:

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