How to track shipping charges in FB pixel purchase event?

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Hello, I just noticed (after 1 week of running ads) that fb pixel is not adding shipping charges to the purchase value, that's why Ads Manager it's showing 17% less revenue than shopify.   Is there any fix for this? 

Do I need to pay for yet another 3rd party app to track custom events?   

Also I've had 74 sales so far, yet Fb only reports 68,  that's 8% discrepancy.   6 orders gone, that can lead me to turn off winning campaigns.  

I offer a coupon code for my 1 product, and also I've installed a quantity break app, and several people buy 2 or 3 items.  Not sure if any of that is causing the big discrepancy, I know some differences are normal but 8% is not. 

Using Adespresso or something else would help me fix the problem?   

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