How to use Google Search Campaigns to Promote Your Shopify Store

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Hey guys!

We all know that once you create your shopify store, the biggest problem is getting traffic to your website and promoting your products. 

My team decided to tackle the problem of Google Ads Search Campaigns which are a particular b**** to set up when you have a store with tons of products. 

Basically our tool imports the data from your product feed and uses it to create a keyword list for all your products. This process is fully automized and we use the SKAG format where each ad group is given one keyword (your product). 

Here's the link to the tool: 

We'd appreciate any feedback on future features we could build and whether something like this would even be useful for you guys. We're currently running a deal to offer all our tools for $65, and you can get paid $100 for every person you refer. 

Hope this will get the word out 🙂 

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Google Ads can easily become one of your best sources of traffic and sales. Here are some of the qualities of Google:

  • Google has an 88,47% market share.
  •  3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day.
  • 35% of product searches start on Google.
  • Google Shopping has demonstrated to be a very powerful tool to drive good traffic and good conversions