HTTPS has internal links to HTTP - Ahrefs

HTTPS has internal links to HTTP - Ahrefs

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Hi there,

I ran an Ahrefs audit and one of my main error is HTTPS has internal links to HTTP. 

The suggestion is to edit the HTTP links into HTTPS, it suggests exactly: 

"Check the "Internal outlinks" column in this report for the URLs with http://.

Edit the links on the affected pages so that they point to HTTPS versions. Make sure you link to HTTPS pages where possible."


Does anyone knows how and where can I edit these links?

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We just did the same type of audit on our site using SEMrush. SEMrush gave me the exact places I was using the http:// link. Mostly it was in two places: our blog post and product-to-product recommendations. In order to edit the link in the blog, for example, I went into the blog post code and replaced http with https. You could also go into the links themselves (editing them the same way you put them in, with the link function of the text box). Hope that helps!

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Thanks a lot for replying!

I ended up going through the links and amending each URL 🙂

I believe it should be fixed now!


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Try crawling the site with screaming frog again.

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Hi @FedericaB, Happy New Year and glad to see you were able to fix your links!

One thing that may help for the future, and one that I've found to be helpful, is that when you are linking to a page on your own site, you can simply use the name of the page or the path + name of the page as the content of the link, that way you can avoid having to type in the full path (including http or https) every time. Your browser will then automatically prefix the whole path for you based on the current page.

For example, if you're on and you have a page called "about", in your links you can actually just point to "/about" and the browser will turn that into "" automatically. Unfortunately this won't work for external sites, but just wanted to point it out in case it was helpful for you.

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Curious if Google will give the same SEO internal link credit for "\pages\about" and "" entered into the link. When I do a source code inspection after using "\pages\about" it only shows the relative path, not the full link.