Huge Traffic Increases from India, Philippines, and Pakistan

Huge Traffic Increases from India, Philippines, and Pakistan

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Hi All, 


  We have a strange issue going on.  We are getting a ton of traffic suddenly this year from these locations.


India is up 2,286%

Philippines up 1,221%

Pakistan up 1,397%


Sessions in USA are down, and sales are down.  


I'm assuming this is bot traffic and its affecting our sales.


Any help anyone can provide would be great, Thanks

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Hi Drey, Thanks for responding. We target USA and Canada with FB ads, and just USA with Google ads (performance max)

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Hello @JMalburg,

This is Gina from flareAI app.

There could be several reasons for this sudden increase in traffic from countries like India, Philippines, and Pakistan, and the decrease in traffic and sales from the US.

Here are some possible explanations and solutions:

1. Your Facebook ad targeting may not be set up correctly, and your ads are being shown to people in countries outside of your target audience.
You should review your Facebook targeting settings and ensure that you're only targeting people in the US and Canada. You may also want to exclude other countries from your targeting.

2. Your website may not be optimized for your target audience.
If people from other countries are visiting your site but not making purchases, it's possible that your site isn't resonating with them. You should consider conducting user research and making design changes to better appeal to your target audience.


3. Your Google Ads campaign may be too broad or not targeted enough.
If you're only targeting the US with your Google Ads, but you're still getting traffic from other countries, it's possible that your keywords or ad settings are not optimized for your target audience. You should review your Google Ads campaign and adjust your settings to target your desired audience more effectively.


4. There may be external factors affecting your traffic and sales.
For example, if there have been recent changes to your industry or market, this could be impacting your performance. You should stay up-to-date on news and trends in your industry and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

In order to fix these issues, you should review your marketing campaigns and website analytics to identify any areas of concern.


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